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dcPlugins Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for dcPlugins:

Public Member Functions

 registerModule (string $name, string $desc, string $author, string $version, $properties=[])
- Public Member Functions inherited from dcModules
 getDefine (string $id, array $search=[])
 getDefines (array $search=[], bool $to_array=false)
 checkDependencies ()
 disableDepModules (string $redirect_url)
 safeMode (?bool $mode=null)
 loadModules (string $path, ?string $ns=null, ?string $lang=null)
 requireDefine (string $dir, string $id)
 registerModule (string $name, string $desc, string $author, string $version, $properties=[])
 resetModulesList ()
 installModules ()
 installModule (string $id, string &$msg)
 deleteModule (string $id, bool $disabled=false)
 deactivateModule (string $id)
 activateModule (string $id)
 cloneModule (string $id)
 loadModuleL10N (string $id, ?string $lang, string $file)
 loadModuleL10Nresources (string $id, ?string $lang)
 getModules (?string $id=null)
 getAnyModules (?string $id=null)
 moduleExists (string $id)
 getDisabledModules ()
 getHardDisabledModules ()
 getSoftDisabledModules ()
 moduleRoot (string $id)
 moduleInfo (string $id, string $info)
 loadNsFiles (?string $ns=null)
 loadNsFile (string $id, ?string $ns=null)
 loadNsClass (string $id, string $ns, bool $process=true)
 getErrors ()

Protected Attributes

 $type = 'plugin'
- Protected Attributes inherited from dcModules
 $safe_mode = false
 $defines = []
 $errors = []
 $modules_ids = []
 $disabled_mode = false
 $type = null

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from dcModules
static installPackage (string $zip_file, dcModules &$modules)
- Data Fields inherited from dcModules
const MODULE_FILE_INSTALL = '_install.php'
const MODULE_FILE_INIT = '_init.php'
const MODULE_FILE_DEFINE = '_define.php'
const MODULE_FILE_PREPEND = '_prepend.php'
const MODULE_FILE_ADMIN = '_admin.php'
const MODULE_FILE_CONFIG = '_config.php'
const MODULE_FILE_MANAGE = 'index.php'
const MODULE_FILE_PUBLIC = '_public.php'
const MODULE_FILE_XMLRPC = '_xmlrpc.php'
const MODULE_FILE_DISABLED = '_disabled'
const MODULE_CLASS_DIR = 'src'
const MODULE_CLASS_PREPEND = 'Prepend'
const MODULE_CLASS_INSTALL = 'Install'
const MODULE_CLASS_ADMIN = 'Backend'
const MODULE_CLASS_CONFIG = 'Config'
const MODULE_CLASS_MANAGE = 'Manage'
const MODULE_CLASS_PUPLIC = 'Frontend'
const MODULE_CLASS_XMLRPC = 'Xmlrpc'
- Protected Member Functions inherited from dcModules
 parsePathModules (string $root)
 defineModule (dcModuleDefine $define)
 loadModuleFile (string $________, bool $catch=true)
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from dcModules
static $modules_files = ['init' => []]
static $superglobals
static $_k
static $_n

Member Function Documentation

◆ registerModule()

registerModule ( string  $name,
string  $desc,
string  $author,
string  $version,
  $properties = [] 

This method registers a plugin in modules list.

$permissions is a comma separated list of permissions for your module. If $permissions is null, only super admin has access to this module.

$priority is an integer. Modules are sorted by priority and name. Lowest priority comes first.

string$nameThe module name
string$descThe module description
string$authorThe module author
string$versionThe module version
mixed$propertiesThe properties

Reimplemented from dcModules.

References dcModules\$define, and dcModules\defineModule().

Field Documentation

◆ $type

$type = 'plugin'

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