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adminCommentList Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 display (int $page, int $nb_per_page, string $enclose_block='', bool $filter=false, bool $spam=false, bool $show_ip=true)
- Public Member Functions inherited from adminGenericListV2
 __construct (dcRecord $rs, $rs_count)
 userColumns (string $type, $cols)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from adminGenericListV2

Member Function Documentation

◆ display()

display ( int  $page,
int  $nb_per_page,
string  $enclose_block = '',
bool  $filter = false,
bool  $spam = false,
bool  $show_ip = true 

Display a comment list

int$pageThe page
int$nb_per_pageThe number of comments per page
string$enclose_blockThe enclose block
bool$filterThe spam filter
bool$spamShow spam
bool$show_ipShow ip

References dcAntispam\$filters, dcCore\app(), dcBlog\COMMENT_JUNK, dcBlog\COMMENT_PENDING, dcBlog\COMMENT_PUBLISHED, dcBlog\COMMENT_UNPUBLISHED, and dcAntispam\initFilters().

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