Dotclear 2.24
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index.php File Reference

Data Structures

class  adminIndex


namespace  Dotclear
 Authentication and user credentials management.


if(!empty( $_GET[ 'pf'])) if (!empty( $_GET[ 'vf']))

Variable Documentation

◆ if

if ( empty $_GET[ 'vf'])
Initial value:
echo '<h2>' . __('Welcome') . '</h2>' .
'<p>' . __('To complete your Dotclear installation and start writing on your blog, ' .
'we just need to know how to access your database and who you are. ' .
'Just fill this two steps wizard with this information and we will be done.') . '</p>' .
'<p class="message"><strong>' . __('Attention:') . '</strong> ' .
__('this wizard may not function on every host. If it does not work for you, ' .
'please refer to <a href="">' .
'the documentation</a> to learn how to create the <strong>config.php</strong> ' .
'file manually.') . '</p>'

Referenced by dcBlogroll\addLink(), rsExtPost\countMedia(), dcBlog\getCategories(), rsExtComment\getContent(), dcBlog\getNextPost(), feedParser\parseRSS(), feedParser\parseRSSRDF(), dcImportBlogroll\parseXBEL(), defaultWidgets\subscribe(), and dcMedia\updateFile().