10:15 Changeset [2961:9ccbeca2bb07] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultMerge 2.7.4 in default branch
10:13 Changeset [2960:08ce684e6ce5] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Next release on 2.7 branch will be 2.7.5, if any
10:09 Changeset [2959:33ecbae73e28] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Added tag 2.7.4 for changeset 27e258e592e4
10:08 Milestone 2.7.4 completed
Codename: The Cat
07:42 Changeset [2958:27e258e592e4] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7CAHNGELOG 2.7.4


12:13 Ticket #2072 (aperçu des pages) created by brol
coucou, dc2.7.4-r2957, clic sur le bouton situé en bas de page de …


09:29 Ticket #2071 (Import à plat multiblog = 1 warning) created by Mirovinben
Bonjour, Chaque fois que je fais un "Import/Export? › Importation d'un …


16:04 Ticket #2070 (Allow customizing CKEditor formats) created by philippe
By default, CKEditor comes with a format menu which includes h1 and h2 …
07:58 Changeset [2957:ecd4aee8b4a9] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Validating the cat, fixes #2069
07:58 Ticket #2069 (Le chat n'est pas valide :P) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [ecd4aee8b4a9]) Validating the cat, fixes #2069
07:37 Ticket #2069 (Le chat n'est pas valide :P) created by philippe
Consecutive hyphens did not terminate a comment. -- is not permitted …


08:45 Ticket #2068 (Can't save blog preferences when you're an admin) created by zeiram
1. Login as a blog admin (NOT a super-admin) 2. Go to Blog preferences 3. …


14:51 Changeset [2956:489ca983ee50] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultThe el/public.po File should be tracked


15:23 Changeset [2955:9093abecaa42] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultSwitch fieldset+legend to div+h4, adresses #2067
13:07 Ticket #2067 (éditeur de thème : apparence anté dc2.6) created by brol
salut dotclear\plugins\themeEditor\index.php c'est encore un …
09:32 Changeset [2954:85e45ee8f77e] by Dsls
defaultTake disabled module information into consideration, enrich plugins.php …
09:32 Ticket #2066 (Cannot get disabled modules information) closed by Dsls
fixed: (In [85e45ee8f77e]) Take disabled module information into consideration, …
09:31 Ticket #2066 (Cannot get disabled modules information) created by bruno
It is currently impossible to grab information from a disabled module. Any …


15:39 Ticket #2065 (Strange /page/2 request) closed by bruno
fixed: Should have been fixed with changeset [2936]
08:01 Ticket #2065 (Strange /page/2 request) created by ben_griffith
Tbtip noticed a problem, which I also can reproduce in my blog: 1. …


14:05 Ticket #2064 (define dans la doc) created by brol
Penser à mettre à jour la doc pour le define des thèmes et plugins afin de …
14:03 Ticket #2063 (support et détail dans define de thème) created by brol
Coucou, Ça serait pas mal que les options détail et support puissent être …
12:59 Ticket #2062 (cke : les quotes dans le alt foutent la zone) created by brol
Coucou, Bug dc2.7.4-r2943, j'insère une image comportant, dans son …
12:40 Changeset [2953:fdcac99dd62d] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultAdd an ellipsis on short displayed entry content (with new …
12:40 Ticket #2015 (Berlin truncates text without adding "[...]") closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [fdcac99dd62d]) Add an ellipsis on short displayed entry content (with …
11:46 Changeset [2952:d707bbba54a7] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultAdd a padding-bottom to sidebar (same value as padding-top), fixes #1931
11:46 Ticket #1931 ([Thème Berlin] marges intérieures bas du bloc #sidebar) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [d707bbba54a7]) Add a padding-bottom to sidebar (same value as …
11:41 Changeset [2951:7d77ee15a36c] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultReplace . (dot) by , (comma) between tags, remove last . (dot), fixes …
11:41 Ticket #1929 ([Thème Berlin] post-meta > tags) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [7d77ee15a36c]) Replace . (dot) by , (comma) between tags, remove last …
11:18 Changeset [2950:3e6b8e366602] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultUpdate jQuery and jQuery-UI from 1.11.1 to version 1.11.2, update blog …
11:18 Ticket #2038 (Mise à jour jQuery) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [3e6b8e366602]) Update jQuery and jQuery-UI from 1.11.1 to version …
10:49 Ticket #2010 (Utilisation du behaviour adminPostEditor) closed by franck
fixed: Je ferme, le nécessaire a été fait sur le plugin Tags (voir la révision …


13:02 Changeset [2949:4e44ab2ef195] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultUse base64 inline url for png/svg images <= 2Kb (recommendation from …
12:06 Changeset [2948:6f99b0da6e95] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultOne week cache for plugin's files served by ?pf=… is better than old 2 …
11:36 Changeset [2947:d30ad4cd0994] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultRemove old prefixed css rules (and no more required) in Berlin CSS


20:35 Changeset [2946:f71a84d73ce8] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultNo more IE7 and IE8 support for theme Berlin
17:33 Changeset [2945:d72e6de6395d] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultShould also not load _admin.php/_public.php/_xmlrpc.php if _prepend.php of …
07:02 Changeset [2944:a585aa405b77] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultMerge last 2.7 commit
07:01 Changeset [2943:fd35f8199603] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Some Berlin png had not been optimized in previous commits, fixed
06:58 Changeset [2942:b0184e69cb47] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultMerge last 2.7 commits
06:56 Changeset [2941:605c7b55a606] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Optimize all other png
06:34 Changeset [2940:20786500e119] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Optimize some png used by Berlin theme


13:45 Changeset [2939:597ca1582463] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultMisuses of jsToolBar object with dcCKEditor
07:54 Changeset [2938:38cb33c54a4a] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultSplit _simple-entry.html (content in _entry-content.html + feedback in …


16:15 Changeset [2937:2a074393d5a4] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultMerge 2.7 last commits into default branch
16:13 Changeset [2936:6ee1f654e69b] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
14:01 Changeset [2935:5744eb2570d7] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
10:01 Changeset [2934:acb3d85998e5] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Next 2.7 branch release will be 2.7.4
08:14 Changeset [2933:dbaf21d1dbe8] by Dsls
defaultUse composer install instead of update
08:11 Changeset [2932:901c6d2796c8] by Dsls
defaultadd build-tools/setup.php from twig branch


21:29 Changeset [2931:eed943c66a5f] by Nicolas <nikrou77@…>
defaultStart adding behat tests
11:32 Changeset [2930:af2812bb018c] by Dsls
defaultMerge with 2.7
11:26 Changeset [2929:54d58ce46232] by Dsls
2.7Quick entry deserves its post_format information, see #2047 Add trigger …


13:44 Changeset [2928:0471a74f04ed] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultAdd item description option, closes #2060
13:44 Ticket #2060 (simpleMenu item's description) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [0471a74f04ed]) Add item description option, closes #2060
11:44 Ticket #2061 (Nouveau jeu de template pur HTML5) created by franck
Un 3e jeu de template utilisant les balises modernes apportées par HTML5 …
11:37 Ticket #2060 (simpleMenu item's description) created by franck
simpleMenu item's description are displayed inside a <span>, after the …


10:34 Ticket #2059 (dcCKEditor not displaying on IE11) created by philippe
On Windows 8.1 with IE 11.0.15, dcCKEditor does not show at all toolbars …


20:29 Ticket #2058 (Ordre alpha dans la liste des widgets) created by brol
Coucou, Actuellement, l'ordre alpha est : de A à Z Lettres …


15:51 Changeset [2927:c34b3850852f] by Dsls
2.7'library' is 'bibliothèque' in French
11:00 Changeset [2926:b8ad979a92bb] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Show current syntax in post/page editor tab title, fixes #2047
11:00 Ticket #2047 (Remind post format on rich-text labels) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [b8ad979a92bb]) Show current syntax in post/page editor tab title, …
08:05 Changeset [2925:2acbe3b02b9c] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Rewordings, closes #2045
08:05 Ticket #2045 (Paramètres du blog > Commentaires et rétroliens) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [2acbe3b02b9c]) Rewordings, closes #2045


15:52 Changeset [2924:c59b30cb0663] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
defaultSplit behaviors registration and load only required js depending on editor …


09:37 Changeset [2923:0e9aca15c476] by Dsls
twigadded build-tools/setup.php to automate composer stuff.


08:20 Ticket #2046 (Macro wiki (dcLegacyEditor)) closed by franck
fixed: Réglé via le chargement séparé des _prepend.php et des …
08:18 Changeset [2922:ce7c6e76d709] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Typo, fixes #2050
08:18 Ticket #2050 ([typo]) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [ce7c6e76d709]) Typo, fixes #2050
08:04 Changeset [2921:f73344947866] by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
2.7Cope with $n%s in parametric URLs, fixes #2057
08:04 Ticket #2057 (blog_pref.php#users : petit soucis) closed by franck <carnet.franck.paul@…>
fixed: (In [f73344947866]) Cope with $n%s in parametric URLs, fixes #2057
00:31 Ticket #2057 (blog_pref.php#users : petit soucis) created by brol
coucou, depuis la page /blog_pref.php#users clic sur le login d'un …


12:01 Changeset [2920:e2d3766b4d2a] by Dsls
2.7Fixed page preview bug, addresses #2049
11:59 Ticket #2056 (Reorganise blog preferences) created by bruno
Currently blog preferences displays 2 tabs : one with blog configuration, …
11:53 Changeset [2919:230eb29a531e] by Dsls
2.7disable clickjacking in preview when clickjacking protection is not …
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