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(edit) @1609:51d77265fb5a   10 years kozlika User page, My preferences page : reorder elements, change wording, delete …
(edit) @1514:fe93bb38a591   10 years kozlika Filters box. Add h4 and replace "Apply filters" by "Apply filters and …
(edit) @1474:122a77514ce1   10 years kozlika Fixes typo and other html mistakes. Thanks to brol. Fixes #1477 Fixes …
(edit) @1426:3b6c228fbc5d   10 years kozlika Users list filters. End filters boxes enhancements.
(edit) @1358:f117338392dc   10 years carnet.franck.paul Messages are now displayed below the breadcrumb, fixes #1528
(edit) @1334:bbbe0735f18b   10 years carnet.franck.paul New dcPage::breadcrumb function, better way to use it, to be continued by …
(edit) @1332:a32f83be8392   10 years carnet.franck.paul New dcPage::breadcrumb function, applied to some other admin's pages, …
(edit) @1312:9b954dbdf09a   10 years carnet.franck.paul Merge step 2
(edit) @1305:bcd12d4d85f6   10 years kozlika Better h2 : now breadcrumb with main level set to Blog, System or Plugins
(edit) @1280:d9627cb1cb02   10 years Dsls Backed out merge changeset: 48c827f9db99 Backed out merge revision to its …
(edit) @1237:14fa9e945cbd   10 years carnet.franck.paul Cosmetic fixes
(edit) @1179:a43a29427ef3   10 years carnet.franck.paul Update copyright notice
(edit) @907:da55072f8b87   11 years carnet.franck.paul Add timestamp on information message, fixes #1189
(edit) @860:e6db669b069f   11 years JcDenis Fixes a CSRF on users deletion. Cleaned code on users manager, fixes #1200
(edit) @565:a094a2471615   12 years kozlika Accessib/ergo: améliorations des formulaires et titres de blog, antispam, …
(edit) @501:ead05faef1e4   12 years kozlika Quelques pages manquantes pour le #1247.
(edit) @313:92f24bfd1563   12 years dsls superadmin now cannot delete themselves, nor remove their superadmin …
(edit) @270:48858be15bda   12 years carnet.franck.paul Changement d'année
(edit) @158:0feef9838bd0   12 years kozlika Now le bouton Add New Machin est en full CSS. Je me charge de convaincre …
(edit) @70:612a0ff96a30   12 years kozlika Corrections formulaires, étape 4. Fin pour le core ! \o/
(edit) @3:cf375f1e7b0f   12 years dsls Ported Franck & Kozlika updates for user prefs, dedicated branch
(add) @0:54703be25dd6   12 years dsls 2.3 branch (trunk) first checkin
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