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(edit) @1637:e30dca34f6b8   10 years kozlika posts_action.php Replaced "Change [this] for entries" by "Change [this] …
(edit) @1527:5a3fad0f97e2   10 years Dsls Tuned posts_actions.php, closes #1527 (again), see #1540.
(edit) @1520:21493e072441   10 years kozlika post_actions : add span tag to the current page, adjust wording for …
(edit) @1518:03fef8e1ef34   10 years kozlika Typos. Thanks to brol.
(edit) @1476:c45f3be639b6   10 years Dsls * Selection is kept when going back to entries * Notifications when …
(edit) @1473:be1c768e98cc   10 years Dsls Fusion
(edit) @1472:994f097572a6   10 years Dsls FieldsList? class documentation
(edit) @1471:136cc800ade6   10 years Dsls Added entries list in posts_actions.php, ability to uncheck some entries …
(edit) @1468:3132a0aca046   10 years carnet.franck.paul Merge 2.5 commits into default branch (should be verified)
(edit) @1421:e8fea3c9a1dd   10 years contact Added creation of category on the fly. And under heavy pressure, revert to …
(edit) @1419:c121c24d7ced   10 years contact Enhance categories combo and other fix, step 6, addresses #1424
(edit) @1399:cdf556efc5ea   10 years kozlika Semantic xhtml and a11y. Let labels to be labels. Step One: admin. Plugins …
(edit) @1389:c2041909fff4   10 years contact Enhance categories combo and other fix, step 1, addresses #1424
(edit) @1345:2250db7a1b33   10 years carnet.franck.paul $action not initialized, fixes #1527
(edit) @1179:a43a29427ef3   10 years carnet.franck.paul Update copyright notice
(edit) @1102:654e6d6a8a69   10 years carnet.franck.paul Add language modification to posts actions, fixes #1379
(edit) @1035:e5c9bc267f69   11 years carnet.franck.paul Add user id completion in posts actions. Fixes #1022. The user's list is …
(edit) @1030:ad4942bddbdb   11 years JcDenis Enhance mass posts actions by reducing SQL queries, addresses #943
(edit) @500:f88db2e809f4   12 years kozlika First step for #1247. Il faudra revenir sur les pages media.php, …
(edit) @270:48858be15bda   12 years carnet.franck.paul Changement d'année
(edit) @252:90f78e257ebb   12 years carnet.franck.paul Suppression des puces surnuméraires dans les listes de catégories (le …
(edit) @217:dd9a10b462ea   12 years kozlika save -> Save (Now all "Save" button are capitalized)
(edit) @70:612a0ff96a30   12 years kozlika Corrections formulaires, étape 4. Fin pour le core ! \o/
(add) @0:54703be25dd6   12 years dsls 2.3 branch (trunk) first checkin
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