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(edit) @1620:542c321dc040   10 years carnet.franck.paul Merge 2.5 into default
(edit) @1583:cbb6d70613a0   10 years Lepeltier kévin Ticket #1453 : Indiquer le niveau de sécurité des mots de passe lors de …
(edit) @1553:e42635c9dc4a   10 years kozlika Replace class="message" by class="success" where it is needed.
(edit) @1535:5878d21ef9b9   10 years Lepeltier kévin ticket #1406 Déplacement du message d'erreur du dossier cache pendant la …
(edit) @1399:cdf556efc5ea   10 years kozlika Semantic xhtml and a11y. Let labels to be labels. Step One: admin. Plugins …
(edit) @1280:d9627cb1cb02   10 years Dsls Backed out merge changeset: 48c827f9db99 Backed out merge revision to its …
(edit) @1247:b0f27e15edd5   10 years carnet.franck.paul Quick entry dashboard module will not be displayed by default, Fixes #1440
(edit) @1179:a43a29427ef3   10 years carnet.franck.paul Update copyright notice
(edit) @1178:d8ff47090c7d   10 years carnet.franck.paul Enhanced uploader is now enabled by default
(edit) @873:f9ef04edef05   11 years dsls Turned db fetches into foreach, upgraded jquery
(edit) @858:66a540b774e1   11 years JcDenis Check folder right on wizard, fixes #1024
(edit) @848:ad18a33a3cef   11 years dsls sexy step 1 : no more comments …
(edit) @557:e4ca21f50855   12 years kozlika Ergo: harmonisation de la terminologie des boutons, termes plus précis …
(edit) @473:91d7c787bd7b   12 years kozlika Admin stylesheet are loaded by <link> instead of @import. Closes #717
(edit) @467:f293928d6575   12 years carnet.franck.paul Favs labels should be stored in English (there will be translated when …
(edit) @363:1104e01c5c47   12 years xave Admin mails' from value now automatically set up at installation.
(edit) @319:c4fad1667c72   12 years xave exec bit correction.
(edit) @295:120c4648cb6f   12 years as.tranchet New extra_css field in blowup config
(edit) @270:48858be15bda   12 years carnet.franck.paul Changement d'année
(edit) @267:e5ab2aa7e3e4   12 years kozlika Quand il n'y en a plus il y en a encore (formulaires…)
(edit) @263:91be8e2ae519   12 years kozlika Wizard style. Need to be tested, je suis pas douée pour les fausses …
(edit) @240:dfb7345d0e97   12 years carnet.franck.paul Mise en place de la préférence d'activation de l'interface avancée du …
(edit) @217:dd9a10b462ea   12 years kozlika save -> Save (Now all "Save" button are capitalized)
(edit) @199:d1538efa6724   12 years carnet.franck.paul Suppression de <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE" /> …
(edit) @13:c7a0f4cc3aab   12 years franckpaul Mise en place des options d'affichage des modules du dashboard Fix de la …
(edit) @3:cf375f1e7b0f   12 years dsls Ported Franck & Kozlika updates for user prefs, dedicated branch
(add) @0:54703be25dd6   12 years dsls 2.3 branch (trunk) first checkin
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