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(edit) @1553:e42635c9dc4a   10 years kozlika Replace class="message" by class="success" where it is needed.
(edit) @1526:b17db2367958   10 years kozlika Admin stays sexy without javascript.
(edit) @1499:fc4bc1ece727   10 years kozlika Let fieldsets be fieldsets (work in progress): blogpref, category, …
(edit) @1428:3e80fc62b404   10 years kozlika blog_theme page enhancement. More pretty without javascript. Lighter look …
(edit) @1399:cdf556efc5ea   10 years kozlika Semantic xhtml and a11y. Let labels to be labels. Step One: admin. Plugins …
(edit) @1358:f117338392dc   10 years carnet.franck.paul Messages are now displayed below the breadcrumb, fixes #1528
(edit) @1334:bbbe0735f18b   10 years carnet.franck.paul New dcPage::breadcrumb function, better way to use it, to be continued by …
(edit) @1332:a32f83be8392   10 years carnet.franck.paul New dcPage::breadcrumb function, applied to some other admin's pages, …
(edit) @1280:d9627cb1cb02   10 years Dsls Backed out merge changeset: 48c827f9db99 Backed out merge revision to its …
(edit) @1263:c4b456fb9af8   10 years carnet.franck.paul Fix #1475
(edit) @1179:a43a29427ef3   10 years carnet.franck.paul Update copyright notice
(edit) @907:da55072f8b87   11 years carnet.franck.paul Add timestamp on information message, fixes #1189
(edit) @719:7e5c370444df   12 years carnet.franck.paul Change page title, fixes #1262
(edit) @684:3d217b8adc52   12 years carnet.franck.paul Récupération
(edit) @683:b32debb0479b   12 years carnet.franck.paul Remerge themes dans default
(edit) @635:e2a2c1e7bbb5   12 years carnet.franck.paul Load theme's resources for contextual help on configuration, fixes #1261
(edit) @557:e4ca21f50855   12 years kozlika Ergo: harmonisation de la terminologie des boutons, termes plus précis …
(edit) @503:a4f39cc10d7a   12 years kozlika Je récupère la 2.4 à jour pour la branche themes
(edit) @500:f88db2e809f4   12 years kozlika First step for #1247. Il faudra revenir sur les pages media.php, …
(edit) @465:bcff3d5d6c3d   12 years carnet.franck.paul Mise en place de la gestion du paramètre de thème supplémentaire …
(edit) @455:a174e80ea5a7   12 years carnet.franck.paul Nouveau behaviour (adminThemeConfigManaged) pour la gestion des …
(edit) @434:4d9647fd9d4c   12 years carnet.franck.paul Let theme configuration set their own form(s) - Permet de laisser le soin …
(edit) @375:91268cf48758   12 years dsls Better support for http valued public_url and themes_url. Closes #1222
(edit) @270:48858be15bda   12 years carnet.franck.paul Changement d'année
(edit) @217:dd9a10b462ea   12 years kozlika save -> Save (Now all "Save" button are capitalized)
(edit) @123:6c674418f189   12 years kozlika Toutes les pages de premier niveau sont désormais valides mais le plugin …
(edit) @66:dc96ab584ec2   12 years kozlika Only one id per page
(edit) @38:82908ed980c0   12 years kozlika Corrections des formulaires, étape 1
(edit) @3:cf375f1e7b0f   12 years dsls Ported Franck & Kozlika updates for user prefs, dedicated branch
(add) @0:54703be25dd6   12 years dsls 2.3 branch (trunk) first checkin
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