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(edit) @1558:4bed0fdef93a   10 years kozlika Too much green -> blue login button. Some typos.
(edit) @1550:739428f42629   10 years kozlika Sometimes, life (and you, and dot clear) needs to be happy (unleash the …
(edit) @1484:828cc4612426   10 years kozlika auth.php - Let fieldsets be fieldsets.
(edit) @1310:fd5d59362c7a   10 years kozlika Responsive enhancement.
(edit) @1309:eb5238f5be85   10 years kozlika Login screen has to be as happy as a Dotclear's user. (And some very few …
(edit) @1308:78c9b93e75c4   10 years kozlika Main-menu and prelude: styles enhancement.
(edit) @1179:a43a29427ef3   10 years carnet.franck.paul Update copyright notice
(edit) @794:0555e761f509   11 years dsls Advisory ID: HTB23074 - 1.1: Sanitize admin/auth.php login_data parameter
(edit) @550:bbc82fcbee20   12 years kozlika Accessibility. Closes #1219
(edit) @536:535dd04130aa   12 years kozlika Accessibility: fieldset aren't used if not necessary. Create a …
(edit) @473:91d7c787bd7b   12 years kozlika Admin stylesheet are loaded by <link> instead of @import. Closes #717
(edit) @454:0458313d8a11   12 years carnet.franck.paul Accessibilité - ordre de tabulation - Step 1 : - Suppression intégrale …
(edit) @372:cb84f40f1f4b   12 years dsls Merge with latests bugfixes from 2.3.1
(edit) @366:a8a2fe9216a4   12 years dsls Reinforced language detection in auth.
(edit) @365:374950e550f7   12 years dsls Simplified password change fields handling.
(edit) @364:064ba665a14a   12 years carnet.franck.paul Report du fix sur la branche 2.3 : Set correct langage, fix #1218
(edit) @362:b070e9822ded   12 years xave Admin mails' from address can now be configured.
(edit) @356:92eb78a10899   12 years carnet.franck.paul Set correct langage, fix #1218
(edit) @314:aa74fc6645cf   12 years dsls Fixed js errors with IE. Addresses #1201
(edit) @270:48858be15bda   12 years carnet.franck.paul Changement d'année
(edit) @262:19e6d732a7d0   12 years xave Logon screen fine tuning.
(edit) @259:ff0133196bb7   12 years xave Test for admin cookies a bit more targeted. (Yes, I'm picky.)
(edit) @199:d1538efa6724   12 years carnet.franck.paul Suppression de <meta name="MSSmartTagsPreventParsing" content="TRUE" /> …
(edit) @133:4048ab5a17d4   12 years kozlika Now we have current form-notes, warning form-notes and info form-notes
(edit) @73:1214fac9906a   12 years carnet.franck.paul Even more simple
(edit) @72:4299050365bd   12 years carnet.franck.paul Reprise de la logique de l'authentification
(edit) @48:0891631a2623   12 years tbouron Merge
(edit) @47:15c028d94180   12 years tbouron Auth screen improvements
(edit) @46:36f4421937ed   12 years kozlika Merge
(edit) @45:282249d3b55d   12 years kozlika Correction des formulaires, étape 2
(edit) @42:aba6d23140fc   12 years dsls Merge safemode onto userprefs for layout updates. safemode still active …
(edit) @38:82908ed980c0   12 years kozlika Corrections des formulaires, étape 1
(edit) @37:89b90dfd3913   12 years tbouron Fixed text messages
(edit) @36:939dd5995f91   12 years tbouron Better integration of safe mode
(edit) @27:3bde88e1fff6   12 years kozlika Message de connexion, ajustements css
(edit) @23:95f4ae8d205c   12 years kozlika My first oops on Mercurial \o/
(edit) @18:3b981ecb888d   12 years dsls Merged safe_mode removal on userprefs branch
(edit) @17:6fc4226eaebd   12 years dsls Temporarily removed safe_mode on stable branch, will work on it on …
(edit) @11:76a5082cf922   12 years Kozlika Accessibilité : formulaires Préférences et Authentification
(add) @0:54703be25dd6   12 years dsls 2.3 branch (trunk) first checkin
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