Dotclear development center

Welcome to the Dotclear development center. You will find here the necessary resources and pointers to fine-tune or completely modify your Dotclear installation. Please read our menu:

Dotclear repository

Dotclear uses Gitea for its tracking system. Should you have any developement request or bug report, you are just one step from doing it.

Dotclear source code

Dotclear uses Git for its source code handling. You will find necessary information about our repositories at

Classes and functions

Although we try to keep the source code as clear as possible, you may want to see all internal classes at a glance. You may do so by taking a look at our DOxygen pages.

Developer and designer resources

Writing our documentation, and especially translating it, is an ongoing process. Nonetheless, there is already many things to be found in the Developer and Designer Resources of the Dotclear documentation.

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